Welcome to the newly revamped A S S C O W. This is Marishna's personal icon site. Every icon that has been made over the past couple years has been uploaded, so it's an interesting look at the progression from start to now. There are roughly 1549 icons uploaded right now.

This site now runs off a script written by Julie and was set up by Magz, who is also my host. The header is by me.


## Credit is muchly appreciated, if you're taking any of the icons. Putting "Marishna" in the keywords when you upload them to LJ is great. It is preferable that icons STAY on LiveJournal and not be crossposted to GJ, Xanga, etc.
## If you want to comment you can stop by livejournal and leave one in my journal. Any comments or questions can be directed there, as well.
## Hotlinking is bad and will earn you an eternity of damnation in the fiery pits of hell (you think I'm joking, don't you?). I WILL replace your hotlinked icon with something along the lines of this, rest assured.
## Please no alteration of the icons. None of the icons are bases even if they're textless.
## These icons are mine, please to not be claiming the icons as your own.

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