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This screencap site was about six months in the making. Magz hated downloading caps from Megaupload 'cause of the assy ads, so she offered webspace to Marishna, who's fairly impressionable. Months later, the actual site finally got finished (again, thanks to Magz) and the rest is a fairly dull and uneventful history.


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2. Comment. You can find links to the entries in my LiveJournal where I will post all of my caps first in zip files, then later here. Just take a few seconds to leave a note saying you're snagging the caps. Again, just a nice thing to do.

3. NO HOTLINKING. I have absolutely no qualms about replacing your images with something that looks similar to this. Only it'll be bigger, and brighter, and possibly much fouler. So just don't hotlink. Don't know what hotlinking is? It's stealing (not just images, but bandwidth that people pay for), and you can read more about it here.
tv shows
  Doctor Who *UPDATED!*
  Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23 *NEW!*
  Gossip Girl *UPDATED!*
  Hellcats *NEW!*
  Misfits *NEW!*
  Queer as Folk (external link)
  Teen Wolf *NEW!*
  The Secret Circle *NEW!*
  The Vampire Diaries *NEW!*
  True Blood *NEW!*
  2 Broke Girls *NEW!*
  What I Like About You

  Bring it On
  Dawn of the Dead 1978
  Dawn of the Dead 2004
  Drive Me Crazy
  Faculty, The
  Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
  House of Wax
       · Bloopers
       · Filming Commentary
  Little Miss Sunshine
  Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  Planet Terror
  She's the Man
       · Bloopers
       · Deleted Scenes
       · Cast Gallery
  Snakes on a Plane
  Sydney White
  Terminator II
       · Deleted Scenes
       · Extended Scenes
       · Kiss Scene
  When a Stranger Calls

  Friday the 13th: Trailer 1
  New Moon: Trailer 1 (Hi-Res)
  Sex and the City: Extended Trailer
  Twilight: Extended Trailer

coming soon...ish
  Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  I Am Legend
  Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  Murder by Numbers
  Sliding Doors